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"Beautiful Inside-Out"

We work hard to provide you beautifully hand-crafted crochet products through ethical ways

The name Marelitz was actually derived from the Filipino word “Maralita” meaning poor. Our mission is to be a social enterprise that helps underprivileged people especially women. Though we are not there yet we are slowly taking steps towards it. We are also a work-in-progress just like each of us.

Our Story

Marelitz originally started out as a retail clothing shop sourcing products locally in the Philippines. But unfortunately, it didn’t turned out well — though it was a blessing in disguise because it completely changed the direction of the brand.

In my eagerness to learn, I discovered the ugly side of fashion. While watching the documentary film “The True Cost,” I found out that many women in the so-called third-world countries including the Philippines are being oppressed & been taken advantage by “Big Fashion Brands”. They are only paid $3 a day, working for 12 hours, skipping meals and works in a dangerous workplace. It broke my heart.

Isn’t it ironic that the people who made the things that will make us look good are the ones who feel miserable & helpless?

After some time, Marelitz Crochet creations officially started as one of the pioneer makers of crochet earrings in the Philippines. It was born out of the heart to create something meaningful, beautiful & ethical. 

The values of Marelitz was grounded on this. I realized I cannot make business that destroys human life. I want to uphold it.

Our Values

Conscious Crafting

Conscious Crafting

All products are crafted at the comforts of the maker’s home & are done without any pressure at flexible working hours.

Fair Trade

Fair Trading

All makers are paid far above the average market to support & uphold their craft skills.

Environmental Friendly

Environment Friendly

We make an effort to reduce plastic waste by using plastic-free packaging.

Slow Fashion Movement

We only produce small batch of products and even made-to-order. We only make pieces that are built to last.

Pro Natural Beauty

Pro-Natural Beauty

We exist to bring out the natural beauty of every woman.

Our Team

Yeng Dawal

Founder and Crochet Artist

Lisa D Marelitz

Lisa D.

Master Pattern Maker and Crochet Artist

Jeanne A.

Pattern Maker and Crochet Artist

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